If you want to get a product into mass production, then you should contact us. We are tooling universalists and have wide process know-how in plastics processing. From injection molding to blow molding, but also in die casting processing of light metal.

Injection mold

We are universalists with many years of experience in container injection molding, in the production of injection molds for high-quality toys as well as smaller but complex automotive and electrical components.


The design and manufacture of small and medium-sized tools for light metal die-casting has been one of our core competencies since the company was founded. Our know-how spans the entire spectrum, from the molding, the sprue design, the appropriate application division to the selection of suitable hot-work steel grades and the correct heat treatment.

Blow molding

Blow mold projects are also in good hands with us. It makes no difference whether it is mold sets for extrusion blow molding or injection blow molding. Whether your container is round or oval, has a smooth surface or textured or has a grip area, we can offer you a production solution. Optimal cooling design and materials that enable rapid heat transfer make your production competitive. The robust design of the crimping and cutting edges as well as the cutting rings reduces your operating costs.




We are also specialists in metalworking tools. These include above all cutting and punching tools, but also subsequent cutting and embossing tools.

In addition to the product focus "injection molding and blow molding", we also build tools for metal processing. These include cutting and punching tools as well as subsequent cutting and embossing tools. This production area also includes deburring tools for the reworking of blow-molded parts or light-alloy die-cast parts.

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